Award-winning building facades

Your partner in design and development

Every day at Louvreclad, we support specifiers and architects in helping to create award-winning building facades through the use of screens and louvres.

We have the industry experience and practical know-how to assist throughout the design and selection stages to ensure a mere vision can become a reality, all within budget, time frames and standards.

We offer value-engineering, technical design advice, and product testing, our approach results in standout design outcomes and enduring results for clients.

High Quality Louvres and Sun Screens for building facades

Our specialist team provides expertise at every step – from initial design and planning right through to delivery or installation.

Louvreclad’s Australian made louvres & Sun Screen solutions combine extraordinary style with a range of clever benefits. This includes security, privacy, weather protection, energy efficiency, natural airflow, ventilation and smoke exhaust. Everything you need to complete entire building facades.

By thinking outside for inside performance we add stunning individual touches that make a crucial difference to building’s overall appeal, comfort, efficiency, safety and performance.

“Use Louvreclad specified products to increase the green star rating of your building”

Let us help you to continue to set new standards for effective and environmentally sustainable louvre designs and solutions for Australia’s construction industry. Every project is custom designed and installed to suit your specifications, so please ring and talk to the design team if you have any queries.

Alternatively, send drawings to sales@louvreclad.com for a free design analysis.

Please note:  Our typical turnaround time for quotes is 7-15 working days depending on the complexity of the project and our current work load.

Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) can save money, save time and ensure the best outcome.

Get in touch with one of our experts at design stage and ensure the success of your project.  Whether it is a highly bespoke & complex brief that requires testing & prototyping or a simple design needing clarification around detailing, to achieve a high-end premium finish, attention-to-detail is essential.