Vision Series® Smoke, Heat & Exhaust Roof Vent

Features of Operable Roof Louvres:

  • Sheet metal construction
  • Fully operable with a choice of electric or pneumatic actuators
  • Thermal links ensure fail-safe-open in case of fire
  • Internal gutters to control rainwater
  • Weather-tight when closed
  • Rooftop testing is optional for inspection and servicing

Details of Operable Roof Louvres:

  • Minimal impact on a building’s wind loading
  • Allows an abundance of natural daylight when open to enhance the ambience in large areas (eg, warehouses, factories, and public dining areas)
  • Minimises heat loss and provides total waterproofing when vents are closed
  • Optional sensors activate the vents’ closure to ensure automatic defence against wind and rain

Efficient ventilation with Operable Roof Louvres

Louvreclad’s Vision Series® is an operable roof louvre and smoke and heat release ventilator.  CSIRO tested and certified to AS 2428.3,4,5 Vision Series has a discharge co-efficient of 0.831 which ensures extremely effective exhaust where both smoke and heat and natural draft ventilation are required.

The Vision Series operable roof louvre and Smoke and Heat Ventilator is ideal for inclusion in the building’s fire engineering solution when automated via a Louvreclad control panel and/or with Fire Indicator Panel (FIP).  Designed, engineered and CSIRO tested, the Vision Series® provides failsafe smoke and heat ventilation.  This operable roof louvre design is typically operated via spring return failsafe actuators and thermal links to enable full fail-safe operation for  smoke and heat venting.  Standard electric actuators and pneumatic cylinders operation is also available.

Vision Series operable roof louvre system boasts a Free Open Area of 87% and coefficient of discharge of 0.831 providing highly effective natural and smoke venting performance.

The low-profile design makes it suitable for installation across a wide expanse of roof and it can be designed, engineered and manufactured for cyclonic regions.

When it comes to the inclusion of an operable roof louvre and smoke and heat venting system, don’t settle for less. Vision Series® has been engineered for complete peace of mind.

Attention to Detail:

  • Co-efficient of discharge = 0.831
  • Designed and manufactured to comply with AS 2427-1983:
    • Rain leakage wind velocity
    • Maximum wind velocity for operation
    • Structural adequacy
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Operation under snow loading
  • Tested and certified to satisfy AS 2428-1983:
    • AS 2428.1 – Determination of resistance to leakage during rain
    • AS 2428.2 – Determination of ability to operate under wind loading
    • AS 2428.3 – Determination of operating characteristics
    • AS 2428.4 – Determination of the effect of flame contact
    • AS 2428.5 – Determination of discharge co-efficient and effective aerodynamic area
  • Vision can be sized and spaced to satisfy the requirements of AS 2665-1983 – Smoke/heat venting systems

Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) can save money, save time and ensure the best outcome.

Get in touch with one of our experts at design stage and ensure the success of your project.  Whether it is a highly bespoke & complex brief that requires testing & prototyping or a simple design needing clarification around detailing, to achieve a high-end premium finish, attention-to-detail is essential.

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