Merlin Series® Elliptical Louvre Blades

Features of elliptical louvre Blades:

• Excellent cantilever & spanning capabilities
• Can be installed as vertical or horizontal elliptical sun-shading
• Fixed or Operable Elliptical Louvre Designs

Detail of elliptical louvre Blades:

  • Maximum blade span: 4000mm
  • 430mm Extruded Aluminium Elliptical Louvres
  • 55mm depth
  • Designed, engineered and certified to NCC and relevant Australian Standards

The bespoke 430mm wide Elliptical Louvres

Louvreclad’ s Merlin Series aluminium elliptical louvres provide the ultimate in spanning and cantilevering capabilities. The 430mm depth of this extruded aluminium elliptical louvre profile can create a bold architectural statement and is an ideal selection for floor to floor screening on larger high-rise buildings.

Connection details are tailored to the design intent which can be of paramount importance when proposing an architectural feature screen that calls for a clean line aesthetic.

The Merlin Series® elliptical louvre blades can be mounted in vertical or horizontal configurations offering a versatile façade screening solution.

Where occupant comfort and energy efficiency is of key concern, operable elliptical louvres are the ideal solution.

With floor to floor spanning capability, the Merlin Series 430mm elliptical louvre blade is often designed and engineered as an operable elliptical louvre screen. Merlin Series® operable elliptical louvres can be connected to sensors that track the sun to control solar radiation entering a building and lux sensors within the building. This ensures greater comfort for occupants at all times of the day and ultimately contributes to a more energy efficient and sustainable whole building solution.

Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) can save money, save time and ensure the best outcome.

Get in touch with one of our experts at design stage and ensure the success of your project.  Whether it is a highly bespoke & complex brief that requires testing & prototyping or a simple design needing clarification around detailing, to achieve a high-end premium finish, attention-to-detail is essential.

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