Delta Series® Perforated Louvre

Features of Perforated Louvres:

  • Fabricated from 0.55 colour coated steel
  • Fire Rated – 120mins up to 300ºC
  • Available in any finish from the Colorbond® steel, Colorbond® Ultra, Metallic, Zincalume® and Unicote® ranges
  • Ideal for inverted louvre situations (eg: plant screens)
  • Provide blanked louvres and cladding when unperforated
  • Perforations eliminate the need for bird/vermin mesh

Details of Perforated Louvres:

  • Single Stage – 48% free open area / Two Stage 42% free open area
  • Perforation 69.4% free open area
  • 125mm blade pitch
  • High Security
  • Vermin Proof (11 x 11 aperture)
  • Maximum blade length: 7200mm
  • Maximum side channel length: 4000mm
  • Maximum blade span: 2400
  • High tensile Steel blades can be run without perforation for a blanked louvre application
  • Rw rating of 3

High Tensile Steel Perforated Louvres

Louvreclad’s Delta Series® is a high-strength roll formed perforated steel louvre that provides high security while allowing good ventilation. This roll formed blade profile has been locks together to make a virtually impenetrable wall. The front face of the Louvre is continuously supported by the perforated area beneath the blade, making it ideal for trafficable areas or areas where impact resistance is a requirement.

Stronger than extruded aluminium louvres  

Incidental impacts of up to 140 kg force on the front face will not damage the steel blades. Therefore The Delta Series® will maintain its structure much longer than extruded aluminium louvres.  Delta Series® perforated steel louvres are also an ideal option for smoke exhaust as it has been Fire rated and tested to maintain integrity for up to 2hrs with temperatures up to 300°C.

Where ventilation is not required, Delta Series®  can be specified as a solid cladding profile without perforations. This is used for architectural features such as a building cladding, privacy screens, or where blanked louvres are required.

The Delta Series® is a fixed, single stage perforated steel louvre, or by the addition of Venus® two stage louvre, it can also provide good ventilation and 100% effective rain defence. Roll formed for consistency, strength and lower production costs, the blades are designed with 11 x 11 perforations to provide integrated vermin proofing removing the need for additional bird wire or security mesh.

Removable insect screens can be fitted to the rear of the louvres if required.

Performance Tested to AS/NZS 4740:2000

Louvreclad Delta Series® Single Stage is a 125mm pitch high-strength roll formed perforated steel weather louvre system achieves a Class D2 rating making it an excellent screening and ventilation louvre for applications that require good air flow and great security.


Louvreclad Delta Series® Two Stage Louvre is a 125mm pitch(1st Stage) Plus (62.5mm pitch second stage) high-strength roll formed perforated steel weather louvre system achieves a Class A3 rating.  This makes it the optimal screening and ventilation louvre for applications that require good air flow and excellent weather resistance.

Aerodynamics Simulation

Rain Defence Simulation

Two Stage Aerodynamics Simulation

Two-stage Rain Defence Simulation

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