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Sound Stage 6, Docklands Studios, Melbourne VIC

One of the largest stages in the southern hemisphere, Sound Stage 6 is the new flagship production studio set to house large international and local TV and movie productions.

Louvreclad were contacted by Grimshaw Global to discuss the vertical screening options for the project. After looking over the options and discussing the requirements with our Design Director, the Scarborough Series® 20mm vertical sun blades were selected for the façade.

With such a slim profile, concern can arise about deflection and fluttering. However, we were able to fix these Scarborough Series® 20mm vertical blades directly to the pre-cast walls, enabling sufficient vertical fixing to prevent any vibration and mitigate deflection.

Dulux Duratec Pink Pearl Gloss was the selected finish, which is used as a wayfinding method, with a nod to Any Warhol’s artwork featuring Marilyn Monroe and that classic retro Hollywood aesthetic.

Practically, the function of these pink louvres has been carefully considered to reduce solar heat gain and glare, while optimising daylight into the workplace.

Externally, the louvres create a dynamic colour response that changes depending on the viewer’s approach.

This vertical linear aesthetic is continued up above, where our Delta Series® roll formed colour coated steel louvres have been installed vertically to screen the plant equipment.

Where good ventilation and maximum rain defence was required, Grimshaw have specified Kensington Series® high-performance weatherproof louvres for this state-of-the-art facility.

In completion, Louvreclad are proud to have been involved in this iconic project and love this architectural showcase of Scarborough Series® in pink!



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Dulux Duratec Pink Pearl Gloss