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MYOB Headquarters, Cremorne VIC

A perfect synthesis of innovation, collaboration, and architectural finesse is embodied in the transformation of the MYOB Headquarters. Designed to attract pioneers in various fields, the building features modern facilities including bicycle parking, a communal gym, and a rooftop function area.

On this journey, Louvreclad, Hayball architects, and Probuild partnered to craft a solution that seamlessly integrates air ventilation requirements with the design intent.

A central element was the selected Louvreclad Mirage Series screening louvre, which flawlessly blends into the brick-clad facade. Louvreclad provided design and engineering advice to ensure the fixings were concealed.

Finished in Dulux Duratec Monument Matt, the dark vertical blades offer a stark contrast against the brick cladding, echoing the historical nature of the area.

Simultaneously, when installed vertically, these screens ensure 76% Free Open Area and zero vision screening to the podium carpark. Given these characteristics, the Mirage Series is ideal for structures demanding high ventilation rates, zero vision screening, and for which rain defence is less of an imperative.

The Mirage Series aluminium screens’ adaptability allows for vertical or horizontal installation, even allowing ‘inverted’ setups to block visibility from below. Furthermore, they can be powder coated or anodised to match any colour, making them a versatile component of any high-performance façade system.

This remarkable transformation at MYOB HQ stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of design and utility.

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