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A’Beckett Tower

An innovative Exterior Sun Screening Solution

Its projects like these where colour becomes paramount to the design, that Louvreclad’s solar shading design expertise is showcased to bring an Architecturally acclaimed concept to life. Originally specified as a fully clad structure, Louvreclad were able to offer a lighter weight and easy to install modular solution utilising Ascot Series®. Ascot Series® provides an adaptable shading solution that can be custom fabricated to suit any individual shape, with the added benefit of being able to select 2 tones of colour on one sun blade! Elenberg Fraser Architects specified 15 different colours spread across these 347 Ascot Series Sun Blades inspired by Australia’s drought-stricken landscape.

“as you walk around A’Beckett, the black map of the sunshades opens up to the colour field, fading into light. This is architecture in the round, experienced cinematically as you view it from different angles. At the same time the building can be read as a whole, the detailing of the sunshades re-scale it down to industrial design; the city is about what things are and how they’re made. At times the sunshades appear to be falling off the building, they form a nap and grain from both the interior and exterior.”

Louvreclad’s Ascot Series® provides an innovative, cost effective sun screen solution for both commercial and residential projects with each project custom made to suit your design requirements.


31 A’Beckett Street – Melbourne, VIC


Icon Construction


Elenberg Fraser



  • Dulux Duralloy® powder coated aluminium finishes:
    • Aubergire
    • Hunter Red
    • Manor Red
    • Headland
    • Clay Pot
    • Tuscan Gold
    • Sandbank
    • Poeskin
    • Grey Nurse
    • Moss Vale Sands
    • Bushland
    • Pale Eucalypt
    • Wilderness
    • Cottage Green
    • Classic Hawthorn Green