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ACA Building, Sydney NSW

A completely bespoke Polaris Series® facade for a rooftop entertainment space

The rooftop terrace is set to be the networking hub for a wide range of start-ups and businesses hosted by the coworking offices provider, WeWork.

Taylor Construction were contracted to complete the upgrades to this art-deco heritage building with the aim to deliver high quality, on time and on budget. This golden origami-like perforated penthouse building called for façade expertise and engineering know-how. Off the back of a number of successfully completed projects, Taylor Construction had the confidence that Louvreclad’s expertise and industry experience could deliver this complex project and booked a discovery meeting.

Early design collaboration between the architect, engineers, and the client is crucial to the success of a project like this.

When working with complex perforated patterns on non-standard shapes, early consultation is needed to clarify and resolve corner details and ensure the perforation pattern meets the design intent.

The design also incorporated some very large, top hinged perforated tilt doors calling for research and design development to ensure the mechanism could take the loads of the door. Each of these oversized doors generated 6 tonnes of force, therefore safety was a key concern when designing the operation of the doors to ensure nobody would be crushed.

To ensure efficient installation for a complex façade like this, it is beneficial to define interfaces with other trades, i.e., roofers, flooring, and services. Horizontal and vertical set out lines are also critical and drive the set out of the panels. Therefore, to avoid re-design it is beneficial to have these agreed upon before construction commences.

Louvreclad are grateful for the confidence that Taylors had in our company to deliver this complex perforated aluminium building. The collaboration between Taylors, FK Architects and Louvreclad has led to a highly successful and beautiful project.

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ACA Building 66 King St, Sydney NSW


Taylor Construction


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