Hudson Series ® Acoustic Louvre

Features of Acoustic Louvres:

  • Enclosures for air-conditioning intakes and generators, pump rooms, and complete stand-alone plant rooms.
  • Insulated with glass wool to reduce noise transmission
  • Multiple options available for selection to counteract specific acoustic frequency bandwidths
  • Range from 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm

Test Certification of Acoustic Louvre

  • Tested to Australian Standard AS 1191-2002.
  • Tested to AS 4740 – 2000
  • Acoustic Louvre Insertion Loss Test Certificate
  • Ranging from an Rw rating of 12 – 21
  • Free Open Area (FOA) from 22%  to 47%
  • Designed, engineered and certified for incidental live load.

Performance Tested to AS 1191:2002 and AS 4740:2000

Hudson Series® 200

This 200mm deep acoustic chevron louvre provides excellent noise reduction with Class C 95% effective rain defence and Class 2 aerodynamics with 30% Free Open Area.

Hudson Series® 300

This 300mm deep acoustic chevron louvre provides superb noise reduction with Class C 91% effective rain defence and Class 1 aerodynamics with 47% Free Open Area.

Hudson Series® 400

This 400mm deep acoustic chevron louvre provides maximum noise reduction, Class B 96% effective rain defence, Class 1 for aerodynamics and 50% Free Open Area.

Please note: The Fact Sheet downloads below have a copy of all test certification included for your reference.

High Performance Acoustic Louvre Systems

Louvreclad’s Hudson Series® provides you with a range of acoustic louvre systems, which have all been designed and tested to reduce noise transmission.

Custom designed to suit any commercial application it is the ideal solution when ventilation and weather protection is as important as noise reduction. Acoustic louvres promote the reduction of noise which is a requirement for most manufacturing facilities, plant rooms and machinery sheds whilst also promoting healthy air flow and rain resistance.

Need acoustic louvres for sound & noise control?

Using high quality acoustic louvres allows for suitable ventilation while also maintaining an acceptable standard of noise control. This series is a preferred option to our standard louvre range when noise control is an important factor in design. Not only do they reduce noise, but they also provide a consistent airflow throughout the building.

Hudson 200 - Aerodynamics

Hudson 200 - Rain Defence

Hudson 300 - Aerodynamics

Hudson 300 - Rain Defence

Hudson 400 - Aerodynamics

Hudson 400 - Rain Defence

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