Polaris Series® Perforated Metal Screens

Louvreclad’s Polaris Series® perforated aluminium screens create a striking design feature, while permitting preferred degrees of vision, filtered natural light, and sun protection. The Polaris Series® is a bespoke perforated aluminium screen system, custom designed and engineered to suit each unique project. Typically fabricated out of 3mm aluminium plate, the Polaris Series® has unending possibilities.

Features of Perforated Metal Screens:

  • Standard or bespoke designs available
  • Perforated Aluminium Plate
  • Concealed fixing options available
  • Powdercoat or anodise finish
  • Bespoke sub-framing and fixing systems
  • Compatible with Platinum Series®
  • 100% Australian

Details of Perforated Metal Screens:

  • Typically 3mm aluminium
  • Variety of perforation sizes and shapes, free open areas available
  • Picture perf options available
  • Designed, engineered and certified
  • AS 1530.3 Test Certificate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Corrosion Resistant

Metal Perforated Screens for Bespoke Projects

Suited to all commercial architectural projects, the Polaris Series® perforated aluminium sheet provides an architectural feature to practical screening and cladding requirements.

Designs are pre-punched or can be fabricated exclusively for your project, making this one of the most diverse and creative options available.

Polaris Series® Perforated Metal Screens are suited to a wide range of applications including:

  • Fixed or operable sun shading panels
  • Bi-folding screens
  • Bespoke perforated louvres
  • Architectural façade screening
  • Metal screen panels
  • Carpark screens
  • Bespoke balustrading integrated into the façade
  • Interior feature screens

Polaris Series® is an architectural metal screen. A cost effective, engineered and certified solution that can dramatically enhance your building’s façade.

Please note: Minimum punch size must be at least 2 x the material thickness.

There are many more patterns available. Please enquire if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Need more information?

Our specialist design and engineering team will deep-dive into your design concept and provide you with a tailored process that guarantees you get it right first time.

What are the benefits of choosing perforated aluminium?

Louvreclad Polaris Series® is a highly versatile, Non-combustible material.  With a vast range of standard and custom perforation options and folding capabilities, Polaris Series® provides tremendous design potential.

What material are Polaris Series perforated screens made from?

Louvreclad Polaris Series® is only available in Aluminium.

Can Louvreclad create custom picture perforated panels?

Yes, if you can provide an image file, the image can be converted to a Polaris Series® picture perforated screen. The options are endless and the results are stunning!

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