Polaris perforated facade on Darlington Public School, NSW

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Darlington Public School Redevelopment, NSW

Voluminous curved gold perforated aluminium screens articulate a sense of flow that guides the students through various gardens, play areas and gathering spaces.

Schools Infrastructure NSW have redeveloped Darlington Public School with the intention to establish a stronger identity and sense of place while providing a world class learning facilities for the growing enrolments in the area.

Louvreclad were engaged to design, engineer, supply and deliver the double height Polaris Series® curvilinear perforated aluminium screens that are the distinguishing feature of the new school.

One of the key challenges with bespoke curved perforated aluminium facades is to design and engineer custom curved aluminium SHS support framing that is integrated discretely to ensure it is not visible from the outside.

In this instance the curved screens spanned across two floors with a cantilever at the parapet which meant careful consideration needed to be given to thermal expansion and slab deflection at each level.

As much of this screening followed the walkways, it was important to maintain enough light and transparency to allow clear views out into the courtyards and grounds.

The Louvreclad Polaris Series® was selected with a standard round hole staggered configuration perforation pattern with just the right open area to provide privacy while still allowing enough light.

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Darlington Public School, Golden Grove St, Chippendale NSW 2008


AW Edwards