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ANU College of Law, Acton ACT

Australian National University’s prestigious College of Law, established in 1960, desired a building entrance reflecting the grandeur of the legal field.

GMBA Architects crafted a grand, asymmetric entrance harmonizing with the classic architecture, while Louvreclad introduced a modern element with Louvreclad Ocean Series®️ 300mm vertical elliptical blades for shade and aesthetic appeal. This project involved comprehensive services from design to installation.

A significant design challenge was the need for the Ocean Series blades to span nearly 6 meters, exceeding their typical 3.6-meter limit.

Louvreclad’s team innovatively designed a custom ‘crab claw’ bracket for mid-span support, ingeniously concealed to preserve the sleek design.

This collaboration between Shaw Building Group, GMBA, and Louvreclad highlights the ingenuity and commitment to excellence required to meet unique architectural demands.

The project not only illustrates the fusion of tradition with innovation, echoing the ANU College of Law’s mission, but also stands as a testament to the lasting legacy and progressive outlook of the college. The entrance now symbolises both the institution’s esteemed history and its forward-thinking approach.

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