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Newman Catholic College, Smithfield QLD

Nestled within the James Cook University Campus in Smithfield, this landmark multi-level Catholic school harmonizes with its breathtaking setting of rainforest-clad mountains and the Atika Creek. 

Crafted by TPG Architects, the school’s transparent four-storey structure establishes a connection with its surroundings, with panoramic views of the rainforest clad mountains and creek.

Roger Mainwood, Director at TPG Architects, highlights the innovative design, featuring elevated circulation and stairs that create communal, relaxing, and learning spaces, while echoing the intricate designs of an Escher drawing. 

Prioritising health and wellness, the external façade and screens were meticulously designed to balance natural light and solar protection.

Central to this is the integration of Louvreclad’s Polaris Series perforated aluminium screens, engineered to withstand Region C cyclonic wind pressures, a necessity in Cairns, North Queensland. 

Collaborating from the project’s inception, TPG Architects and Louvreclad developed custom-folded perforated screens that met both aesthetic and functional needs with an economical design solution. A unique perforation pattern was chosen to reduce wind noise—a common concern with perforated aluminium screen installations. 

Louvreclad also engineered and installed high performance louvres for natural ventilation and rain defence. Our Louvreclad Kensington Series stormproof louvres were selected to ensure adequate ventilation while repelling up to 100% of wind-driven rain, even during cyclonic conditions.  

Louvreclad worked alongside the head contractor, Bryant Construction, to ensure the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of the screens met the design intent, cyclonic wind loads and Australian Standards. 

This collaboration between Louvreclad and Bryant Construction has culminated in a structure that epitomizes contemporary educational architecture. The project stands as a testament to the fusion of architectural craftsmanship and cutting-edge educational principles. 


James Cook University Campus, Panguna St, Smithfield QLD 4878


Bryant Building Contractors


TPG Architects