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Foxwell State Secondary College – Stage 2, Coomera QLD

The journey at Foxwell State Secondary College – Stage 2 marked an architectural advancement. In collaboration with FKG and Open Architecture Studio, the integration of Louvreclad Polaris Series®️ perforated facade screens in a fusion of aesthetic allure and functional precision, while fulfilling balustrade requirements. 

Stage 2 of the college focuses on creative industries and hospitality, housing diverse workshops, studios, and a multi-modal performing arts centre. The school is considered a benchmark project by the Department of Education.  

Following a successful partnership on previous education projects, FKG approached Louvreclad to engineer and install a high-end perforated aluminium screening solution for this project.  

In line with Stage 1, these custom-folded panels were expected to span 3.3 metres floor-to-floor, with engineering certification to meet the balustrade ratings and an integrated handrail.  

A key design challenge was to ensure all screening elements and supporting structures were fabricated in light gauge aluminium to mitigate galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals.  

Distortion was another concern identified from the results of the previous stage. To alleviate this issue, Louvreclad integrated additional folds to stiffen the panels, whilst allowing for thermal expansion and slab deflection in the connection points. 

This endeavour went beyond construction. Our meticulous planning, execution, and prototyping led to a highly crafted architectural-engineered solution. 

Louvreclad’s technical engineering acumen and prototyping phase transformed this project’s design aspirations into functional and aesthetically alluring realities, marking a significant value-add, and elevating it to a pinnacle of design and functional excellence. 

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