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Pallara State School, QLD

Pallara State School’s new learning centre is Queensland’s first large-scale modular education building and Louvreclad’s first collaboration with Hutchies Modular.

Hutchies Modular took advantage of pre-fabrication and modular construction technologies to meet the DoE contract requirements and deliver this enormous 3 storey building with efficiency.

While the initial concept showed folded perforated screens, Louvreclad were brought on board at early construction phase to collaborate with Hutchies in designing this unique façade solution.

After acquiring a good understanding of the brief, our creative team got to work 3D modelling, prototyping, and testing ideas.

Finally, a Polaris Series® perforated aluminium screen integrated with vertical Caprice Series bullet solution was decided upon.

Louvreclad Polaris Series® 10mm square hole, square configuration rotated 45° was the selected pattern, with 69% open area being a key design requirement to ensure the walkways had good visibility to the outside and lots of natural light.

This large expanse of Louvreclad Polaris Series® perforated aluminium façade screening was then finished in Dulux Duratec contrasting colours Ocean Satin and Surfmist Satin creating a fresh blue and white facade.


Typically, it is advised that the web size be a minimum 2x the thickness of the material. However, in the case of Pallara’s screens, the square hole configuration enabled us to make 2mm aluminium work.

With a thinner gauge of material and such a large open area, there were some initial concerns around structural stability and warping.  However by allowing for the correct ratio of folds and fixings, our engineering team were able to design, engineer and certify them to be balustrade compliant.

Louvreclad Scarborough Series® 20mm modular aluminium sun blades were also designed and engineered as sun hoods over the windows, finished in Dulux Duratec Ironstone Satin powder coat.

As everything needed to be pre-fabricated in Hutchies factory, all sun shades and screens needed to be delivered pre-drilled and ready to be integrated into the buildings. Working closely with Hutchies’ in-house design and construction specialists, our team were able to ensure everything lined up and was installed efficiently to meet the projects 24 week program.

Watch the project video here


Pallara State School 39 Richie Road Pallara QLD 4110


Hutchinson Builders


Vabasis Pty Ltd



  • Dulux Duratec Ironstone Satin
  • Dulux Duratec Deep Ocean Satin
  • Dulux Duratec Surfmist Satin