Cascade Series ® Fixed Aluminium Louvres

Features of Fixed Aluminium Louvres:

  • Extruded aluminium fixed blade louvres
  • Large amount of open area for maximum airflow
  • Ideal for applications requiring high Free Open Areas
  • Can be specified as pre-fab modular panels or as continuous louvres

Details of Fixed Aluminium Louvres:

  • 64% free open area – Single-Stage
  • 50% free open area – Two-Stage
  • 100mm blade pitch
  • Maximum blade span: 1000mm
  • Maximum blade length: 6500mm
  • Designed, engineered and certified for incidental live load.

Maximum Airflow with Fixed Aluminium Louvres

Louvreclad’s Cascade Series®  offer a 100mm blade pitch from extruded aluminium.  A fixed aluminium louvre which is best suited to projects where maximum airflow is critical to the design. This high-performance and aerodynamic louvre has been designed to ensure low pressure drops and provide 64% free open area.

The Cascade Series® is also available as a two-stage louvre system to meet the rain defence requirements. Like all Louvreclad fixed aluminium louvres, the Cascade Series® can be supplied as pre-fabricated panels or a continuous louvre system.

The Cascade Series® is certified for incidental live load making it a superior option for all commercial and industrial projects.

Performance Tested to AS/NZS 4740:2000

Louvreclad Cascade Series®  high-performance louvre achieves a Class 2 for aerodynamics and Class D for rain defence, while providing 64% free open area making it an ideal choice for mechanical plant rooms, commercial screening and integrating into architectural facades when maximum airflow is a crucial to the design.

Two Stage

Cascade Series® Two-stage louvre achieves an A2 Performance Classification in accordance AS/NZS 4740:2000. The double interlocking blades ensure 100% effective rain defence making it one of the highest performing louvres on the market and providing the perfect balance between these two-compromising factors of rain defence and aerodynamics. Designed for zero vision, the Cascade Series® two-stage louvre can be supplied in pre-fabricated panels or as a continuous louvre.

Rain Defence Simulation

Aerodynamics Simulation

Two Stage Rain Defence Simulation

Two Stage Aerodynamics Simulation

Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) can save money, save time and ensure the best outcome.

Get in touch with one of our experts at design stage and ensure the success of your project.  Whether it is a highly bespoke & complex brief that requires testing & prototyping or a simple design needing clarification around detailing, to achieve a high-end premium finish, attention-to-detail is essential.

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