Cascade Series® Fixed Aluminium Louvres

Features of Fixed Aluminium Louvres:

  • Extruded aluminium performance louvres
  • High open area for maximum airflow
  • Ideal for applications where low pressure drops are specified
  • Can be specified as pre-fab modular panels or as continuous louvres

Details of Fixed Aluminium Louvres:

  • 64% free open area – Single-Stage / 50% free open area – Two-Stage
  • 100mm blade pitch
  • Maximum blade span: 1000mm
  • Maximum blade length: 6500mm
  • Designed, engineered and certified for incidental live load

Maximum Airflow with Fixed Aluminium Louvres

Louvreclad’s Cascade Series® is a 100mm pitch fixed aluminium louvre profile suited to projects where maximum airflow is critical to the design. This high-performance and aerodynamic louvre profile has been performance tested and engineered to ensure low pressure drops while providing 64% free open area.

When maximum rain defence is required, the Cascade Series® two-stage aluminium louvres can be specified, which provide Class A 100% effective rain defence. As with all Louvreclad fixed aluminium louvres, the Cascade Series® can be supplied as prefabricated louvre panels or as a continuous louvre system with integrated doors as required. Cascade Series® performance louvres are a versatile and superior selection for all commercial and industrial projects.

The Cascade Series® fixed aluminium louvre system is designed, engineered to suit the project with structural design certificates that comply with NCC and all relevant Australian Standards.

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Performance Tested to AS/NZS 4740:2000

Single Stage Aluminium Louvre

Louvreclad Cascade Series® high-performance fixed louvre achieves Class 2 for aerodynamics and Class D for rain defence, while providing 64% free open area.  This aerodynamic aluminium extruded louvre profile is an ideal choice for mechanical plant rooms, commercial screening and integrating into architectural facades when maximum airflow is a crucial to the design.

Two Stage Aluminium Louvre

Cascade Series® Two-stage louvre achieves Class A for rain defence and Class 2 for aerodynamics in accordance AS/NZS 4740:2000. The double interlocking blades ensure 100% effective rain defence and maximum air flow, providing the perfect balance between these two-compromising factors of rain defence and aerodynamics. Designed for zero vision, the Cascade Series® two-stage fixed louvre can be supplied in prefabricated panels or as a continuous louvre.

The benefit of selecting a performance louvre system with single and two stage options is, you can specify the two-stage option in the areas where rain defence is crucial, and the single stage where rain defence is not required, while still maintaining a continuous louvre aesthetic.

Rain Defence Simulation

Aerodynamics Simulation

Two Stage Rain Defence Simulation

Two Stage Aerodynamics Simulation

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