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Eagle Stadium, Werribee

Operable louvres provide regulated airflow

Fixed and Operable Louvres provide the necessary features and benefits for all at the new Eagle Stadium in Werribee. Designed to display the latest in innovation, design and light control, Louvreclad’s team worked together to design, manufacture and install all the louvres that were needed. Quite a selection of products from our range were incorporated into the stadium including our Mirage Series®, which was utilised in Court 6, our Neptune Series®, used for the External Sub floor ventilation & Delta Series®, entrance louvres for architectural appearance. The high level louvres were Glacier Series® which had polycarbonate blade infills, hence the light coming through these louvres. These Louvres also had electric actuators and were connected to the building management system. The low level Operable Louvres are Cascade Series® with Mirage Series® ball guards fitted on the back. These are also electric and connected into the building management system for control. All systems were designed and installed to maximise the airflow in the building and to provide regulated control as much as possible in the peak periods of use.  


Werribee Sports And Fitness Centre  


Watpac Construction


Williams Ross Architects



  • Colorbond® Monument
  • Interpon D2015 Monument Matt YL264A