Navigating the Complexities of Louvre and Screen Design for Cyclonic Conditions and IL4 Buildings

Introduction Designing architectural facades for cyclonic conditions and Importance Level 4 (IL4) buildings is no small feat. These specialized projects demand a nuanced understanding of wind regions, debris impact resistance, and natural ventilation. In this blog post, we'll explore these crucial factors, offering insights to help you strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. [...]

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Reimagining Urban Structures as Artworks: A New Vision for Design

In our ever-evolving urban landscapes, the potential for integrating art within the built environment often goes unnoticed. Louvreclad's latest white paper explores this innovative concept, offering a fresh perspective on how creativity, collaboration, and engineering can transform ordinary structures into significant urban artworks. A Fresh Perspective on Urban Design The transformation of utilitarian structures into [...]

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Bupa Aged Care - Operable Louvres

Operable Louvre Systems

Architectural Louvre Systems with Operable Louvres Building envelopes are the bridge between the natural environment and thermal comfort. Therefore, climate-responsive design is critical to the success of a high-performance façade and a more carbon-neutral building. Operable louvres are often integral to these types of facades as they can actively respond to the various seasons to [...]

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bi-folding screens

How Louvre Ventilation Can Lower Your Building’s Carbon Footprint

Louvres are an important consideration for those looking to create more sustainable buildings.   Louvres are a popular architectural feature that can provide many benefits to buildings and their occupants. One of the most significant advantages of louvres is their ability to create breathable buildings with natural ventilation, making them an important consideration when looking [...]

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Percentage Free Open Area: Is It Relevant to Louvre Performance?

Although many commercial and industrial buildings require louvres, either for ventilation or simply as a vision screen, there is often insufficient consideration given to exactly what the system is required to achieve. This is particularly common when it comes to “Performance Louvres” and the need to exclude wind-driven rain. Ultimately, everyone wants 100% rain defence [...]

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Louvreclad Create – A Design Process Tailored for You

Louvreclad approaches every large-scale project afresh, with every brief requiring a custom process to achieve project-specific deliverables. When dealing with bespoke designs, project-specific performance briefs, or buildings that require regulated design and sign-off, Louvreclad understands the necessity for detailed planning, design and engineering of the louvre and screening elements within your façade. Our solution to [...]

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Wind Pressure Effects on Façades

Wind Pressure Effects on Façade Elements for High-Rise Buildings and Multi-Level Carparks Buildings and Multi-Level Carparks. Wind is one of the most significant forces of nature that must be considered in the design of a building's façade. Sunscreens and shading louvres are often fabricated from proprietary aluminium in varying profile and shapes due to its [...]

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Company Update – The New Covid Normal

Due to the upgraded measures implemented by the Australian Federal and State Governments to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Louvreclad would like to provide an update on our operations at this unprecedented time. The Health and Safety of everyone is of upmost importance to our company and our team is taking this very seriously, actively [...]

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Performance Louvres – What is important to the success of your design?

Introduction All commercial and industrial buildings require louvres, to allow the building to breath and prevent rain from getting in or sometimes, simply as zero vision screening. However, there is often insufficient consideration given to exactly what the system is required to achieve. This is particularly common when it comes to “Performance Louvres” and the [...]

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Bespoke perforated metal screens

29 Bourke Rd Commercial Development, Alexandria NSW

Initial Concept Presented From Paper Model to Polaris Series® Bourke Rd Commercial Development makes an Architectural Statement with a Twist Stunning white horizontal perforated aluminium ribbons twist and open to form framed views of the surrounding streetscape and adjacent Perry Park. This work in progress, 4 level commercial development is set to provide around 9,300m2 [...]

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Commercial Aluminium Window Hoods

A well-designed solar shading system improves internal conditions and contributes to a healthier and more comfortable working environment.  Window Shrouds or Sun hoods provide a practical solution for horizontal and vertical window shading for commercial and multi-level high rise buildings. Shading elements like commercial Aluminium Window Hoods and sun hoods are often integral to the [...]

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How CFD testing benefits louvre design

. What is CFD modelling & how does it benefit louvre design? Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling is the analysis of fluid flows using numerical solution methods. It enables us to perform numerical experiments as seen in Figure 1, in a virtual laboratory setup as shown in Figure 2. The applications for CFD are incredibly [...]

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How to select the right louvre for your next project

Selecting right louvre for your next project Although every commercial and industrial building requires louvres, either for ventilation or simply as a vision screen, there in often insufficient consideration given to exactly what the system is required to achieve. This is particularly common when it comes to “Performance Louvre” and the need to exclude wind [...]

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What are the benefits of External Sun Shading?

External Sun Shading... What are the benefits? With energy becoming more expensive, the Australian Government and local authorities now encourage the use of passive cooling design strategies. Passive design is also supported and encouraged by NCC Australian Standards so now is the time to embrace these sustainable solutions. What are passive design strategies? A well-designed [...]

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Pimpama SS – Multi Purpose School, QLD

Wickham Series® Horizontal screens installed in record time Louvreclad employs the principles of Lean Manufacturing to ensure shorter lead times, minimise waste and continuous improvement of quality and processes  across the business.  The recently completed Pimpama SS – Multi Purpose School exemplifies the results of Louvreclad’s efficiencies. A stunning outcome was achieved using horizontal screens [...]

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Chevron Louvre - CAI - St Lucia 2

High Performance Aluminium Louvres

Aluminium Louvres: High-quality, long-lasting solutions Louvreclad's range of extruded aluminium louvres can be anodised, or powder coated to suit your application. Aluminium louvres can be supplied flat packed, ready for assembly or assembled into panels for easy installation. We offer supply only or supply and installation services depending on your requirements. A sophisticated solution to [...]

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Bupa Aged Care - Oxford Series Operable Louvres

Timber Look Aluminium

Need to stand out or refurbish? Upgrade your premises with a fresh and modern look! Taking your project to a whole new level of sophistication has never been easier with timber look aluminium. Integrating the natural look of timber as a finish on Louvreclad’s premium aluminium guarantees an architectural finish that will stand the test [...]

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Vertical fins for Chermside Library

Louvreclad Caprice Series® turns Chermside Library into a bright & colourful display of vertical fins Louvreclad was proud to work with Tomkin Constructions to design, manufacture and install our Caprice Series® louvres on this government building to create the colourful vertical columns, adding not only eye-catching aesthetic appeal but also an element of fun & […]

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feature louvres, sunhoods and aluminium blades

Louvres, Sunhoods and Aluminium Blades at Alexandra Hills Hotel

A fantastic result at Alexandra Hills Hotel with eye-catching Louvres, Sunhoods and Aluminium Blades. Working with Lanskey Constructions, Louvreclad is in the process of manufacturing, supplying and installing Louvres, Sunhoods and Aluminium feature Blades at Alexandra Hills Hotel. Specified by Craig W Chandler Architecture & Interior Design. Product: Louvreclad Mirage Series® MSG 503-60 aluminium screens – louvres […]

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Louvreclad Project Maps

Louvre Projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Need Inspiration? You can find some of Louvreclad’s most prominent and featured projects on Google maps or simply search your location to find projects near you. This amazing feature will give you a brief overview of our projects and provide a visual geographical overview for your convenience. It’s […]

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Architectural louvre systems

Architectural Louvres

Architectural louvres & screens enhance the exterior of any building Architectural louvres are required on buildings to ensure airflow and energy efficiency. They are also needed to provide defence from rain entry, and privacy screening for roof plants. Architectural fins and louvres are an innovative and customised way to add dynamic aesthetic elements to the [...]

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Westmark Architectural louvre Designs

Architectural Louvre Designs make a statement Under construction: THE MILTON skyline is changing with construction well on the way on Walker Corporation’s $150 million twin-tower Westmark development. Meticulously designed by award winning architects bureau^proberts, Louvreclad are busy working with Devine Constructions on the design, manufacture and installation of Specified Barossa and Caprice Series® louvres for […]

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Operable metal screens

UQ Global Change Institute – An Award Winning Project!

The Polaris Series® Automated Louvres increases green star rating Congratulations to HASSELL architects for taking out Best Sustainable Architecture and Interior Architecture (for UQ GCI) at the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2015 National Architecture Awards. The $32 million state-of-the-art building for the Global Change Institute (GCI) opened in 2013.  It employs sustainable design, construction and […]

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