Kelvin Wright – Managing Director

Always focused on the overall company vision, Kelvin has a passion to promote a customer-centric and future-proof business. With the company from the beginning, he has worked alongside his father to oversee the growth and development of the Louvreclad Brand. His ability to understand customer requirements and contribute to a positive exchange of ideas, has enabled him to foster & maintain strong client relationships.
Kelvin Wright – Managing Director

Vernon Wright – Construction Director

Vernon is a hands-on technical details man with an inherent understanding of how things fit together. His talent to communicate through free-hand sketching and passion for the bespoke, make him an excellent problem solver when it comes to challenging and extraordinary designs. These skills added to his 23 years of design, fabrication, installation and project management experience, has established him as a recognised go-to industry authority and ensured success on a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects.
Vernon Wright – Construction Director

Warwick Wright – Chief Financial Officer

Having worked in and on the family business since the 1990’s, Warwick has had a wide variety of experience in the business, including, Production, Installations, Logistics, Procurement, Marketing, Systems, Finance and Administration.
Warwick Wright – Chief Financial Officer

Rodney Wright – Operations Director

On the tools from an early age, Rodney became a qualified light fabrication and sheet metal worker. With a hand in project management, drafting and estimation, Rodney has clear understanding of the end to end process. His industry, product and business experience empowers him to understand what the manufacturing and operational requirements are and ensure they are met effectively.
Rodney Wright - Operations Director

Leon Wright – Sales Director

Results driven and resourceful, Leon has experience in every area of the business and is qualified in Advanced Business Management. With an acumen for implementing and refining Louvreclad business systems, Leon states: “My passion is to complete quality projects on time, in spec and on budget whilst maintaining good customer relations and ensuring that projects are built to last with no comebacks.”
Leon Wright – Sales Director

Rozzi Mead – Receptionist

Rozzi is the number one voice of Louvreclad. Five years experience in a number of key roles including accounts, marketing and sales enables her to answer incoming customer questions proficiently, making her the perfect frontline for Louvreclad . A tireless and willing worker, Rozzi drives and inspires the upbeat pulse of Louvreclad and is always first to lend a helping hand.
Rozzi Mead - Receptionist

Lyall McGregor – Sales Engineer

Lyall has been with the Louvreclad family for 17 years with time in various roles including Site Installer and Supervisor, Project Manager, Senior Estimator and Sales Engineer. With 20+ years in the industry Lyall has built a reputation for having impeccable attention to detail, invaluable industry and product knowledge whilst being passionate about providing the most value for our clients.
Lyall McGregor – Sales Engineer

Matthew Earl – Sales Engineer

A fairly recent addition to the Louvreclad family, Matthew has joined the Sales and Estimating team, bringing with him 23 years’ experience in the building industry. From hands on manufacturing to installation and sales, Matthews grasp of the industry is all-encompassing. His love of team building and customer satisfaction is displayed daily with efficient and focused results.
Matthew Earl - Sales Engineer

Stephen Bartlett – Sales Engineer

Fitter and Turner by trade, Stephen brings with him 25+ years of practical experience in Architectural Metalwork design, fabrication and installation. His practical and hands-on industry experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the estimating department and is invaluable when concept and value engineering is required on projects.
Stephen Bartlett – Sales Engineer

Calvin Kirkpatrick – Sales Engineer

Calvin came to Louvreclad from the civil engineering sector and brings a broad range of experience and expertise to our sales team. His positive mindset & effervescent attitude makes him the perfect candidate to confidently connect with our customers and provide tailored proposals for their projects.
Calvin Kirkpatrick - Sales Engineer

Jotham McNaughton – Sales Engineer

Jotham’s drive to serve and help others motivates him through all aspects of his work and has allowed him to build strong business relationships. Joining our Sales & Estimating team, Jotham brings 4 years’ construction industry experience and qualifications in Advanced Business Management. Jotham says, Business isn’t and shouldn’t be a bore, after all every single aspect of business you are helping someone. – “Don’t change with or after the times, change the times.”
Jotham McNaughton - Sales Engineer

Ian Tang – Sales Engineer Support

Ian brings with him a strong background in structural design analysis and understanding of the requirements of Australian standards. Ian supports the team with detailed Quantity Take-Offs and creative structural problem solving.
Ian Tang – Sales Engineer Support

Elysia Wright – Sales Administrator

Rozzi's right hand girl, Elysia is in her second year at Louvreclad. Her key role as Sales Administrator means that she is charged with following up our clients and customers . Her sunny disposition and passion for the business make her the number one girl for this role. Alongside this she is currently studying a cert 4 in business sales. Elysia loves being a part of such an enthusiastic team with a great work culture.
Elysia Wright - Sales Administrator

Zita Wright – Administration Assistant

Zita has just completed Year 12 and is starting her working career at Louvreclad.  With training in Customer Service, Time and Management and Cert III In Business, Zita’s passion is already starting to show. Her love of people and customer interaction makes her role as Administration Assistant the ideal fit.
Zita Wright - Administration Assistant

Gary Dawson – Project Manager

As a qualified machinist, Gary has been with the business for 11yrs and has acquired an incredible depth of technical design and product knowledge. This accumulated experience has underpinned his current role as Louvreclads QLD Project Manager, enabling him to meet milestones and achieve overall project success.
Gary Dawson –  Project Manager

Andrew Rowe – Project Manager

Glazier by trade, Andrew has  37+ years’ experience within the construction industry, with four of those years working as Louvreclad’s QLD Project Manager delivering many successful projects to completion. Andrew thrives on being at the front line to negotiate the needs and requirements of our clients’ who trust Andrew for his on-site problem-solving skills and ability to ensure their projects run smoothly.  With qualifications in Project & Business Management, Andrew has proven to be a reliable, consistent, and essential Project Manager.
Andrew Rowe - Project Manager

Darren White – Project Manager

Darren has joined the team with almost 15 years in the Construction Industry, 11 of which were in Project Management, handling large scale projects in various areas of the facade industry Australia-wide. With a background in design drafting, he has a passion for problem solving, complex projects and integrating new and bespoke facade solutions. This combination of creative and practical expertise makes him an ideal member of Louvreclad's Project Management team.
Darren White - Project Manager

Dean Corbett – Project Manager

Beginning in the Automotive Industry, Dean's experience includes Facilities and Operations Management, Machine Design and Process Development. He then shifted fields to become the General Manager of Operations for an architectural lighting company, which saw him designing bespoke architectural lighting.  The combination of his mechanical and design knowledge coupled with his experience and attention to detail makes Dean the perfect fit for his role as Louvreclad Project Manager in Victoria.
Dean Corbett -  Project Manager

Uddhava Sharplin – Design Consultant

Uddhava comes to Louvreclad with 10+ years of construction industry experience and a strong background in Spatial Design and Architecture. This experience combined with an enthusiasm for Green Building technologies and Sustainable solutions makes Uddhava a valuable addition to the team. Constant interaction with specifiers, consultants and building designers proves her unique worth and capabilities.
Uddhava Sharplin - Design Consultant

Robert Caza – Design & Procurement Manager

Robert is a highly organized, meticulous and qualified Pre-production Manager with several years’ industry experience. With a passion for the bespoke, he uses his understanding of the business as a whole to manage his team, driving them to run efficiently, to meet budgets and project timelines.
Robert Caza – Design & Procurement Manager

Oliver Wright – Projects Administrator

Oliver embodies the term ‘hit the ground running’ and has become the backbone of the Project Management team. Oliver is a meticulous programmer and project management professional. Third generation to the family business, Oliver says, "I see this business as my future and am very passionate about building a culture of continuous improvement to become a leading authority in providing bespoke external architectural solutions."
Oliver Wright - Projects Administrator

Albert Hart – Projects Administrator

As internal support to the Project Managers Louvreclad has employed Albert in the new position of Project Administration, ensuring all off-site tasks are kept to schedule. Albert comes to us with a background in staircase and balustrade manufacturing alongside 7 years industry experience across Design Drafting, project management, & hands on installation. Albert loves the satisfaction of delivering projects to happy clients on time & within budget.
Albert Hart - Projects Administrator

Junior Samuel – Procurement

Having been with the business since July 2015, Junior brings a wide range of skills and experience to his role including frontline management, manufacturing and production knowledge. Comprehensive Cross-training has set him up to be a perfect fit for his current role in procurement.
Junior Samuel - Procurement

Denzil Wright – Procurement

Denzil is competitive by nature and loves the challenge of keeping up with his departments neverending workload. He is a willing and motivated member of the procurement team who strives to schedule jobs to run on time and meet customer requirements.
Denzil Wright - Procurement

Adeline Wright – Procurement

Always full of energy and drive, Adeline is a motivated employee in operations while also contributing to many areas of the business. Passionate about the LEAN journey and culture, Adeline has been a key player in implementing change in the Louvreclad workplace and doing whatever is needed to keep the team working together in unison.
Adeline Wright - Procurement

Raj Harakuni – Design / R&D Team Leader

An excellent Team Manager, Raj has an eye for detail and a background in engineering and sheet metal manufacturing. This experience coupled with his extensive skills as a 3D modeller proves him to be a proficient problem solver when it comes to complex design concepts.
Raj Harakuni – Design / R&D Team Leader

Allan Poulton – Design Drafter

Starting with Louvreclad straight out of school, Allan brings 11 years manufacturing experience in the Louvreclad factory to the drafting team.  Certified in metal fabrication and Lean manufacturing, he has  a passion for detail and understanding of how things fit together.  Currently a trainee draftsman, his next goal is to become a qualified draftsman and prove himself as a valuable member of the Louvreclad Design Team.
Allan Poulton - Design Drafter

Craig Earl – Design Drafter

High school saw Craig achieve results both academically and on the race track.  His competitiveness, speed and determination has transferred to his new role as design drafter.  He has training on various CAD programs which allows him to be an efficient and reliable drafter for Louvreclad.  His passion for architectural design and engineering drives him to continually refine his drafting skills and further investigate the detailing around Louvreclad’s unique façade solutions.
Craig Earl - Design Drafter

Dr Lawrence Sim – Senior Mechanical Engineer

Lawrence is passionate about Engineering and interested in unlocking new technologies to enhance buildings comfort & reduce energy consumption. Holding a PhD in Mechanical Engineering specializing in thermofluids, Lawrence is a Registered professional engineer in both UK and Australia. Alongside this he brings 8+ years experience in building ventilation design optimization, an ideal background to take on the role as Senior Mechanical Engineer for Louvreclad, enhancing the design of our louvres to improve ventilation & comfort.
Dr Lawrence Sim - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Gabriel Tan – Structural Engineer

Gabriel returns as a registered Structural & Mechanical Engineer under Engineers Australia National Engineer Register (NER) scheme. He is also a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) with over 6 years of experience in the building & construction industry.  With a fervor for getting things right first time, Louvreclad are excited to have this in-house expertise to guarantee the production & completion of bespoke projects. Gabriel says, ‘The satisfaction & pride of seeing a completed project – knowing that you are involved in it, never gets old"
Gabriel Tan - Structural Engineer

Stuart Joyce – Customer Service / Logistics

Stuarts diverse background brings many, varied and unique skillsets which has led him to be a second to none Logistics Coordinator. Also having training in marketing, Stuart sees himself more as a customer service manager rather than a delivery driver. Stuarts motto is " to go the extra mile to make things happen!"
Stuart Joyce - Customer Service / Logistics

Angela Hornbuckle – Administration Assistant

Angela is a conscientious, willing and able Executive Assistant for Louvreclad and has proven herself to be invaluable to the CFO. Her role has allowed her to strengthen her knowledge and skills in a number of business areas including HR Compliance and Documentation, Payroll, Accounts Administration, Quality Assurance and Engineering Documentation.
Angela Hornbuckle - Administration Assistant

Russell Attwood – Business Process Manager

Russell has 14+ years experience developing, implementing and maintaining business process systems in every department of both wholesale and construction industries. Russell has a keen eye for detail and a passion to constantly improve Louvreclad as a whole on a daily basis through better processes.
Russell Attwood - Business Process Manager

Sheridan Buckland – IT & Design Automation

With a Cert III Mechanical engineering, 15 years in the metalworking industry and 8 years experience in LEAN business culture, Sheridan is the perfect fit for Louvreclad. He manages all IT and design automation to ensure maximum reliability and minimal downtime. Sheridan is driven to leverage new technologies and provide continuous system improvements across all departments.  
Sheridan Buckland - IT & Design Automation

Shree Pai – Design Drafter

Shree has 18 years industry experience working in roles involving mechanical design and product development across rail, defence and industrial sectors. His global and local work experience (including four major Australian rail projects) has attributed to his enthusiasm to learn new things, develop new ideas and create challenging designs. Shree is a great asset to our Design Team.
Shree Pai - Design Drafter

Jeremy Stoessel – Production Manager

Jeremy's prior training as a footballer, has transferred off the field and into the workplace, resulting in him being a highly effective team leader. Glazier by trade coupled with Frontline Management training, has attributed to his ability to lead a high performing production facility. Jeremy is a humble and loyal employee who works unselfishly and tirelessly to keep his customers happy.
Jeremy Stoessel - Production Manager

Marcus Jensen – Production Assistant

Marcus has come on board as Production Assistant and is relied upon to move goods out the door and off to site effectively and efficiently. Being self-employed in the past provides Marcus with a good work ethic alongside experience in aluminium and steel fabrication to support and strengthen his current role. Marcus’s positive attitude towards anything in view of helping and supporting the production team, means he is always ready to go that extra mile for the customer.
Marcus Jensen - Production Assistant

Lhean Dizon – Financial Accountant

Lhean is a Certified Public Accountant and brings to Louvreclad a wealth of experience having worked in various accounting roles for multi-national companies across South East Asia. She is driven to succeed in her role as Financial Accountant by her love for the profession, thriving on the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the company’s financial information. Along with this, she has a passion for analysing data to guide in financial decision-making.
Lhean Dizon - Financial Accountant

Daryl Martinez – Accounts Receivable

Having held Accounts Receivable roles across the US, UK and Australia, Daryl brings his global and local experience in addition to proficiencies in Cost accounting and Client Financial Management to capably handle the  Accounts Receivable role at Louvreclad.  Daryl considers Louvreclad as family and his love for family motivates him to achieve not just his own career goals but also the goals of the company.
Daryl Martinez - Accounts Receivable