Kensington Series®️ Weatherproof Louvres

Features of Weatherproof Louvres:

  • Three-pass louvre
  • Aesthetically concealed fixing
  • Exceptional weather performance
  • Waterproof louvres
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations

Details of Weatherproof Louvres:

  • 50% free open area
  • 62.5mm blade pitch
  • Maximum blade span: 2000mm
  • Maximum blade length: 6500mm
  • Designed, engineered and certified for incidental live load.

High Performance Weatherproof Louvres

Louvreclad Kensington Series®️ is a high performance three-pass weatherproof louvre system. It provides you with the security of virtually nil water entry, while still having efficient airflow. The benefits of a three-pass louvre is seen in its outstanding Class A 100% effective waterproof performance rating, which makes it the ideal choice for water sensitive environments.

Choosing the right weatherproof louvres for your project is crucial to protect plant equipment, electrical units or interior spaces from water damage.

The Kensington Series®️ is a 62.5mm pitch aluminium extruded fixed louvre that has been designed and engineered for maximum rain defence while still maintaining aerodynamic efficiency.

With Class A 100% rain defence, Class 3 aerodynamics and 50% Free Open Area, the Kensington Series®️ weatherproof louvre is ideal for hospitals, industrial storage warehouses, manufacturing plants and commercial buildings where mitigating rain ingress is a key requirement.

Ensure a successful outcome

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Performance Tested to AS/NZS 4740:2000

Louvreclad Kensington Series®️ is a three-pass weatherproof louvre system offering Class A rain defence and Class 3 aerodynamics. Choosing the right louvre to suit the rain defence requirements for your project is crucial if you have plant equipment or electrical units which cannot be water damaged. Coined our ‘Storm Proof Louvre’, Kensington Series®️ is guaranteed to ensure 100% effective rain defence, even in cyclone-rated regions, making it an ideal solution for hospitals, commercial and industrial projects where protection from water is of the utmost importance.

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What are weatherproof louvres?

A weather proof louvre should be tested to AS 4740:2000 to provide Class A 100% effective rain defence.

What is a three-pass louvre?

A three-pass louvre is referring to a profile like the Louvreclad Kensington Series®️, which has been designed with three zones of defence against wind and rain.

What is a storm proof louvre?

Kensington Series®️ is coined our ‘storm proof’ louvre as it is an incredibly robust aluminium profile that provides 100% rain defence and can also be designed and engineered to suit cyclonic conditions.

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