Varsity Series ® Roll formed Louvre

Distinctive Features:

  • Louvre material is 0.55 base metal thickness
  • Single and two stage options providing effective weatherproofing where required
  • Available in Colorbond® steel, Colorbond® Ultra & Metallic range and Zincalume® standard range

Attention to Detail:

  • 125mm blade pitch (first stage)
  • 5mm blade pitch (second stage)
  • Single Stage 53% Open area  / Two Stage 41% free open area
  • Maximum blade span: 1500mm
  • Max blade length: 7200mm
  • Maximum side channel length: 4000mm

Roll-formed louvre profile

Louvreclad’s Varsity Series® is a traditional roll formed louvre profile fabricated with precision sheet metal construction. This 125mm pitch aerodynamic louvre provides an outstanding natural ventilation, screening and rain defence solution for commercial buildings.

Where zero vision plant room screening is required, Varsity Series® louvre profile is frequently installed inverted.

The Varsity Series® is a fixed single, or two stage louvre. (The second stage is Venus Series®) and can be supplied cut to length or as pre-assembled panels.

Performance Tested to AS/NZS 4740:2000


Louvreclad Varsity Series® 125mm pitch high-strength roll formed single stage louvre system achieves a Class D for rain defence and a Class 2 for aerodynamics with face velocities up to 1.4m/s and Class 1 rating from 1.4-3.4ms while providing 53% free open area. An excellent screening and ventilation louvre for all applications that require maximum aerodynamics and where rain defence is less important.


Performance tested to AS/NZS 4740:2000, the Varsity Series® 62.5 pitch roll formed 2 Stage louvre provides Class A 100% effective rain defence and Class 3 Aerodynamics at velocities from 0.5-3.5m/s. This two stage louvre offers 42% free open area with an aerodynamic louvre profile that provides good air flow, low pressure drops  maximum rain defence where required.

Aerodynamics Simulation

Rain Defence Simulation

Two-Stage Aerodynamics Simulation

Two-Stage Rain Defence Simulation

Early Contractor Involvement

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