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Bracken Ridge Library

Perforated Cladding Provides both sun protection and a modern facade feature

Along with Brisbane City Council and Kane Construction, Louvreclad have delivered a stunning shading solution to the recently completed Bracken Ridge Library. These Louvreclad Polaris Series® screens have a 49% free open area and wrap around the north-east corner of the building, providing sun protection as well as a façade feature. Direct sunlight coming from the east is controlled and diffused with the floor to ceiling custom fabricated vertical perforated aluminium screens. All the perforated aluminium has been finished in Interpon D2525 Sabel Core Ten texture, a natural copper-tone finish which compliments the surrounding natural landscape. One of the key concerns for designers when integrating screens into a façade is ensuring the screens are aligned with the window mullions. While we understand the importance of this to the overall architectural aesthetic, sometimes this has not been considered in the design of the structure that is required for fixing screens. It is always a challenge to get Structural engineers, architects, builders and louvre suppliers designs and ideas to align and therefore, communication is crucial. In this case, where the structure did not align, Louvreclad worked with the architects to design, engineer and modify the spigots to ensure that all vertical perforated aluminium louvres were aligned and maintained the same pitch. A natural ventilation zero vision solution was also required for the lift shaft and with the large canopy roof overtop, rain defence was not a concern. Louvreclad provided the solution, utilizing Louvreclad Neptune Series® 40mm pitch aluminium powder coated louvres installed upside down and inverted. Installing the louvres inverted ensured zero vison from people walking down below, whilst also providing the necessary ventilation. Thank you to Kane Construction for partnering with us on this job and helping create a well-detailed and very successful project!


Bracken Ridge Library Bracken Ridge, QLD


Kane Construction


Brisbane City Council



Interpon D2525 Sabel Core Ten texture