Eastland Office Development, VIC

Eastland Office Development – Maroondah Council Administration Headquarters


Maben Group engaged Louvreclad to design, engineer, fabricate and install a custom Caprice Series® vertical profile with timber-look aluminium finish for its design and construct project, the Eastland Office Development.

The original design called for a natural timber 550 deep vertical sun blade. Louvreclad put forward an aluminium alternative and worked quickly to provide prototypes of different blade types in the specified Casuarina DecoWood powder coat finish.


As the design developed, a 45mm Caprice Series® double chamfer blade was selected as it met the requirements of the 550mm depth while maintaining the aesthetic intent.

Further into design development the client expressed concerns about the visibility of the vertical join, particularly where the two Caprice Series® modules clipped together.


Through providing additional prototypes in the timber look aluminium finish, our team were able to demonstrate that not only would the join not detract from the overall design intent, but that the aluminium blade would also provide a light weight, long lasting, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber.


Detailed shop drawings were submitted for approval, and the 7.6m vertical Caprice Series blades were designed, engineered and certified to meet the requirements of local wind pressures and relevant Australian Standards.

Louvreclad’s team of skilled and experienced tradesman then installed the fins in good time with a high standard of finish that satisfied the clients requirements.


With the intention to achieve the best in environmental and architectural design, the Eastland Office Development not only meets the requirements for a 5-star Green Star building and base-building NABERS rating of 4.5 but has achieved a level of finish that is to be highly commended.