Nexus Series ® Drainable Louvres

“The superiority of the Nexus Series® is seen in its classic louvre profile”

Louvreclad’s Nexus Series® drainable louvre system includes an additional architectural weather lip and is manufactured as a fixed louvre.

The Nexus Series® Standard Louvre is ideal for commercial buildings or in applications where high quality general louvres are required. It is suitable for general purpose plant room louvres, air intake louvres, exhaust louvres and and plant deck louvres.

The Nexus Series® drainable louvre has all the added benefits of also being a fixed drainable louvre.  The superiority of the Nexus Series® is seen in its classic profile.  This offers an exceptional drainable performance in horizontal external louvres. Providing you with outstanding water penetration performance and available in a horizontal external louvre system.

This is achieved by draining the water from each blade individually and discharging it at the bottom of the louvre through vertical down pipes found at either side of the louvre. Each blade has its own drainable catchment gutter which prevents the cascading effect of water down the face of the louvres. This provides excellent water draining performance and maximises the effectiveness in providing less penetration at any given performance level.

The Nexus Series® Two-stage  louvre system provides excellent water penetration for wind driven rain. Also known as a double bank louvre, the double interlocking effect also provides acoustic control for plant rooms and air conditioning units while also ensuring optimal airflow in adverse weather conditions. Designed for zero vision, the Nexus Series® two-stage louvre is manufactured to withstand both cyclone conditions and intense weather conditions.

Distinctive Features + Diverse Applications + Multitude of Benefits:

  • Ideal for applications where there is greater weather exposure and air flow needs to be maintained at optimum levels.
  • Suitable for large industrial louvre banks

Attention to Detail:

  • 50% free open area
  • Maximum blade span: 1500mm
  • Designed, engineered and certified for incidental live load.

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