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OJI paper warehouse, Yatala QLD

Ventilation Louvres for Warehouse Aeration

Together with De Luca, Louvreclad engineered, supplied and installed the Delta Series®  & Varsity Series® ventilation louvres for warehouse aeration of the new Oji Fibre Solutions (OjiFS) packaging plant. One of Australasia’s leading pulp, paper and cardboard packaging manufacturers who is currently expanding its operations into Queensland with the purchase of a 24,126 sqm facility in Frasers Property Australia’s Yatala Central. Louvreclad installed Delta Series® and Varsity Series® roll-formed steel ventilation louvres, an first-rate solution for warehouse aeration to achieve the following:
  • Natural ventilation throughout the warehouse
  • Correct introduction of ambient air
  • Assist in achieving desired indoor comfort levels
  • Dilute and displace indoor pollutants
Louvreclad’s Delta Series® is a high-strength roll formed perforated steel louvre that provides high security while allowing good ventilation. The blades are designed to lock together to make a virtually impenetrable wall.   A traditional louvre profile roll-formed from steel, The Varsity Series® Standard louvre is an excellent screening solution where maximum air flow is a priority. Louvreclad’s roll-formed steel range of louvres include Delta, Varsity and Venus Series and are available in any pre-finished Colorbond steel finish providing a cost effective ventilation and screening solution for commercial and industrial buildings. Get to know more about Louvreclad fixed ventilation louvres for warehouse aeration by downloading our Louvre Selection Guide HERE  


OJI Paper Warehouse 146 Pearson Road, ORMEAU QLD  




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