Building with Colourful Sun Hoods Building with Colourful Sun Hoods Building with Colourful Sun Hoods Building with Colourful Sun Hoods Building with Colourful Sun Hoods

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ShapeCUT Steel Warehouse, Carole Park QLD

Building a Brand with Coloured Powder Coat

Louvreclad Caprice Series® vertical and horizontal sun blades create stunning window hoods, with Dulux Alphatec Orange X15 Gloss finish to reflect ShapeCUT’s corporate branding.

ShapeCUT is a premium provider of steel cutting and metal processing services in Australia.

Louvreclad has a good working relationship with ShapeCUT, having employed their specialist laser cutting services on a number of our premium bespoke projects throughout Australia. This made for a unique project and partnership, with a client-working-for-client relationship.

The new warehouse expansion was an opportunity for ShapeCUT to promote their premium end-to-end metal processing service, leading to the prioritisation of company branding. This was accomplished by creating an architectural feature with Caprice Series® sun blades, in a beaming orange finish to express their corporate image.

Solar shading is a critical component for industrial buildings in Australia, especially around windows. It prevents glare and direct solar gains to ensure comfortable working conditions and reduced energy loads.

Louvreclad worked closely with Wiley Construction and architects at McVeigh Consultants to ensure the detailing of the sun hoods and powder coat finish were aligned with the design intent to promote ShapeCUT’s corporate branding.

Louvreclad are approved applicators of Dulux and Interpon powder coatings. When using made-to-order powder coat colours, it is important to consider that they come with a premium cost and incur additional lead time. Furthermore, different powder coat colours have different warranties. Therefore, it is beneficial to discuss colour selections with your louvre manufacturer at early design stage to prevent any hold ups down the track.

In this instance we were able to match and source the ShapeCUT orange from Dulux’s Alphatec stock colour range. This ensured the budget, warranty and design intent were achieved, with the finished product promoting ShapeCUT as a premium brand in the market.


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Dulux Alphatec Orange X15 Gloss