Add Value with Custom Designed Louvres

Adding Architectural, custom designed louvres and screens to building exteriors not only increases your street appeal but can also attract new customers!

An excellent solution for existing building refurbishments, and increased street appeal, Ellipsoid blades and sun hoods are just one of the many louvre and screen options that can be mounted vertically or horiziontally making them ideal for increased aesthetics.

Louvreclad manufactures a wide range of fixed louvres and screens that can be efficiently and practically used for aesthetic purposes in commercial applications, plant rooms, car parking areas and any other situation where visual presence is essential to maintain and the ambiance and environment of your location is critical.

Louvreclad is renown as is one of the best manufacturers of Custom louvres in Australia. Louvres are used as a major part of building exteriors and can be fixed or operable depending on your needs. A practical and economical solution for increased appeal to your building exterior.

Features of our High Quality Louvres & Privacy Screens

• Custom designs are engineered, manufactured and installed under one roof
• Quality Assurance with all products backed by ISO and AS certification
• A wide range of 31 different products to choose from. (

Advantages of Custom Louvres and Screens

• Custom louvres provide optimum performance to a buildings exterior
• Cost effective solution for upgrades
• Unlimited design application makes them perfect for refurbs
• Can alter, modify and enhance the appearance of your property  exactly as required.

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