bi-folding screens bi-folding screens or fixed privacy panels. Ideal for bi-folding screens or fixed privacy panels. perforated metal screens 9 perforated metal screens 8

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Global Change Institute – UQ

This innovative, fully operable sun screening application automatically moves with the sunlight, acting as a filter and keeping the windows cool.  The replicated copper finish using the perforated aluminium of the Polaris Series® successfully achieved the desired aged look within the parameters of the project budget. The two different anodised finishes reflect the changing composition of copper and a changing environment over time. Due to the planning and time involved and crucial nature of the louvres on the appearance and functionality of the building, the louvres were one of the first trades to be let. Full 3D drawings were provided prior to manufacture as well as wind tunnel testing to ensure no whistling or noise was produced.  


University of Queensland – St Lucia, QLD







  • Universal Anodisers 25 µm Light Bronze anodised aluminium
  • Universal Aluminium 25 µm Pale Bronze anodised aluminium