Operable Louvre Systems

Architectural louvre systems with Operable louvres

Louvreclad has an extensive range of operable louvres, with a type and purpose to suit every application be it commercial or industrial.

Our operable aluminium louvres provide maximum ventilation and vision when fully open, while being weatherproof when closed. With added seals, these operable louvres can also be made airtight.

The commercial grade operable louvres are suitable for and protect from all weather conditions, including storms and heavy rain.

Placing glass blades in operable aluminium frames provides light and vision when closed, while allowing you the choice of opening for a free flow of fresh air to enter the building saving the need for air conditioning. Alternatively the louvres can be closed and the air-conditioning takes over. This helps to decrease your carbon footprint, therefore reducing the running costs of your building.

Operable louvres can be operated manually by hand or by remote with electric motors

Hand operated types include a manual winder which allows you to open or close the louvres depending on the weather and your personal preference, while the electric motors are ideal for areas where they are installed on external high rise buildings or out of reach. These are mostly controlled by 24V electric motors in groups which can be installed with C-bus, BMS, wind, rain and sun sensors, making them automatically open or close accordingly.

Louvreclad’s range of Operable louvres are included in the following Series:

  • Axis Series®
  • Galaxy Series®
  • Glacier Series®
  • Hercules Series®
  • Nexus Series®

  perforated aluminium

Features of the Operable louvres:

  • The Operable louvres allow up to 85 percent of optimal air flow
  • They are a far more flexible option to the fixed louvre series
  • In case of a fire or gas incident, they can be used to provide automatic, immediate air exhaust.
  • They are energy efficient with sustainable aluminium materials

Advantages of Operable louvres

  • The louvre blade materials can be sheet metal, aluminium, fiberglass, glass, and polycarbonate.
  • Very little maintenance is needed with powder coated aluminium.
  • The blades can be operated to any angle based on the requirements needed.

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