Fixed Louvres for Unlimited Applications

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Fixed louvre and screen solutions for your requirements

Mounted vertically or horisiontally, Louvreclad manufactures a wide range of fixed louvres and screens that can be efficiently and practically used for ventilation purposes in commercial applications, plant rooms, car parking areas and any other situation where intake of air is essential to maintain the ambiance and environment of your location.

These louvres are made of high quality  extruded aluminum and offer excellent air inflow facilities as well as screening benefits. Moreover, being technologically and aesthetically built, our range of fixed louvre options are sure to enhance the ambiance and appearance of any place.

Louvreclad’s most popular range of fixed louvres and screens include the following series:

  • Altura Series®
  • Ascot Series®
  • Barossa Series®
  • Caprice Series®
  • Delta Series®
  • Neptune Series®
  • Scarborough Series®
  • Varsity Series®
  • Venus Series®
  • Wickham Series®
  • Windsor Series®


  • The products are ideal for an unlimited number of applications with each project custom built to your specifications and requirements
  • Offers the best possible ventilation for areas that depend on quality ventilation
  • Also manages the entry of dust, cold air, rain and other natural weather disturbances.
  • Being made of extruded aluminum or hard metal sheets, these louvres are robust and sturdy.


  • Since the products are available in a number of finishes, they are suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • Depending on the application, fixed louvres, can offer maximum ventilation or zero visibility thereby, being extremely useful for places like plant rooms as well as, car parking areas.
  • Being aesthetically designed, our fixed louvre range can add to the décor  and aesthetics of any place.

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LouverClad_USQ_LowRes_02      USQ Edgy Building, Springfield – Hundreds of vertical Caprice Series® blades adds the final touch.

louvreclad_2015_8_4-008    The Ponds Shopping Centre – Vertical screens from our custom range adds to the impact at the Ponds.

louvreclad_2015_9_10-048   Canterbury Hurlstone Park – The Barossa Series® offers  superior aluminium durability

_MGE2201     A’Beckett Tower – Innovative and cost effective – The Ascot Series® provides ultimate window screening

Do you need fixed louvres or screens for your next project?

A respected industry leader, we work with specifiers, builders and trade subcontractors to deliver enduring results that thrill clients and stakeholders. Our specialist team injects expertise at every step – from initial design and planning right through to installation or delivery. Louvreclad’s complete range of fixed architectural louvre and screen systems integrate the inside and out and are used to add a unique architectural dimension to a building’s exterior. They can be manufactured using sheet metal, extruded aluminium, polycarbonate or glass.

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