Architectural Louvres

Architectural louvres & screens enhance the exterior of any building

Architectural louvres are required on buildings to ensure airflow and energy efficiency. They are also needed to provide defence from rain entry, and privacy screening for roof plants.

Architectural fins and louvres are an innovative and customised way to add dynamic aesthetic elements to the buildings exterior. The provision of sun shading guarantees enhanced building performance and reduced running costs. There are many examples in today’s concept changing world where the use of a simple louvre can have a stunning impact on design, style and performance of commercial buildings and work places.

There are wide varieties of architectural louvres available at Louvreclad. These cover both fixed and operable louvres which can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on your application.

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Features of architectural fins and screens:

  • A wide range of blade depths and heights.
  • Offer permanent ventilation facilities.
  • Can be a part of the décor of the property.
  • Increase energy efficiency and cost efficiency.

Advantages of architectural fins and screens:

  • Available as fixed and operable kinds
  • Architectural louvres are high quality
  • The slats are designed to allow maximum air flow and light

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