Exterior Building Refurbishments – Brisbane

Commercial refurbishment

Refurbish your existing building exterior with a custom facade

Louvreclad specialise in adding stunning individual touches that make a crucial difference to a building’s overall safety, comfort, Green Star Rating & performance.

This will increase your market value, increase your customers and increase your returns. When it comes to refurbishments, this includes new and existing buildings.

In saying that, what we provide you with is a high quality cladding solution, designed to your specifications by our in-house design team to custom fit your existing building. By changing the exterior building facade, you can give new life to a tired looking building, attract new customers, increase productivity and increase overall building comfort and performance.

Sometimes A Little Goes A Long Way

When it comes to a re-vamp, just dressing up the front of a building can sometimes be enough depending on street appeal, placement and surrounding aesthetics. By using a combination of different products from our range HERE you can  completely change the aesthetics of your commercial premises.

Design Service

If you have a building and not sure of the design you need to increase appeal or building performance, we can provide solutions from our range of products to completely revamp your building in the most cost-effective and economical way. Our team also offer a free measure up and quote, based on your needs and requirements.

High Quality V’s Cheaper Alternative

Quality is an amazing concept. Everyone wants a quality product with a long term guarantee for peace of mind. This is crucial when it comes to residential high rise buildings as you have people’s lives to consider when making your decisions.

Unfortunately, quality always comes at a price. It always has and it probably always will. Yes, there are always cheaper alternatives. But what do you get, and ultimately, what price will you have to pay in the long run?

Louvreclad provide high quality. We pride ourselves on providing a long lasting solution that will still be there in 10 years. We don’t believe in shortcuts.

Check out our QA Certificates

YES – Non-combustible
YES – Non-composite
YES – Non-flammable
YES – Australia made
YES – Asbestos free

Building Refurbishments – Brisbane

A Refurbished commercial property can raise is market value immensely . First impressions count and when it comes to increasing your building aesthetics & street appeal, a well designed revamp can have a huge impact.

Whilst we are happy to offer this service to investors and building owners outside Brisbane, this is the area in which we can offer the most cost effective solutions.

Need Ideas

Head to our completed Projects section or look through our Product Range. If you have an idea in mind, it can most probably be achieved.

Commercial building refurbs